Welcome to Web Services Unlimited 

Who is Web Services?

That’s our DBA name, We use it interchangeably  with Web Services Unlimited, LLC (according to the Indiana Government, we can do that) We are a small startup based out of Indianapolis , looking to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs in getting the Web services they need at a reasonable price (while under cutting our competition) . Literally anything that you could need to be done at a business level- we can handle. Our prices (and a tad more detail is posted on our Service Pricing page) reflect that of a 12 year old selling lemonade, though we think we produce service equal to Minute Maid (no affiliation).

Do you make Websites?

Yes we do, though I do not want that to be our main focus – simple but effective websites are easy enough (and we are getting better at them daily) to provide at a very low price.  A Quick sales technique, If you can sell a client one thing, it’s much easier to sell them something else. Keep providing A+ quality and they will come back, it’s that simple. Now, you‘re not gonna get any cleverly worded marketing crap from me on here. I’m not gonna tell you 12 things your business MUST HAVE! I won’t tell you that a website will  increase your business tenfold. I will say the truth, a website should be used as an alternate form of contact for  your current clients.  We make Premium WordPress Sites using a professional Editor. You will have access and can edit your site going forward if you please, We dont lock anything down. If you wished to leave us at a later time, that’s perfectly fine and we will help you!


 Can you improve my SEO on google?

 Yes, Seo (search engine optimization) is real and it’s a lot of work but can (and should) be done to improve your google search listings, but unless you’re willing to spend $1000 +  don’t expect to get top ranking in google. Though you can expect higher rankings than not. 


Can you handle Social Media Management?

Of course, Social media is VERY important, being active – posting regularly, liking, and replying to comments are all very important. All the Socials are great. If you love pictures or have many products- Instagram is amazing.  Twitter is  a great way for People to reach out easily to companies- but if you gear your website around contact,  then that can be utilized just the same. Just about everybody and their mom is on facebook,  and the “kids” these days use Snapchat. All are great forms of advertising but you need to be on some if not all.  If you ask GaryVee then you’re an idiot if you’re not on the snap. 

What about call routing or message taking?

That’s a texas sized 10-4. Whether it’s after hours message taking or you’re like Cash4Cars indianapolis and you would like us to answer all your calls, we can help. 

 Why did you start Web services?

Personally I’ve been getting ready for this my whole life and didn’t know it. Speaking on my experience in sales / customer service, I believe those are my sole skills behind every service we offer. I plan to undercut my competition while providing the same, if not better service. I got tired of seeing local businesses over charged for mediocre service. $1,200-4000  for a WordPress website? ridiculous. $800 a month to manage a low level Social media, not happening here.

So what’s holding your business back? Money, time?  What’s stopping people from doing walking in your door? Are you spending too much time on XYZ? Anything and everything your business could need to succeed- We can help it. Reach out via email or company phone at the top, or Call me personally, Joe @ 317-593-0603



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